TRN – Submersible Aerator


Features and Benefit

Self-Aspirating Design The specially designed impeller generates negative pressure around itself when rotating. This negative pressure draws in air from above the water surface. As a result, this equipment aerates without the need for a blower. (A blower is required for deepwater aeration.) In addition, no diffuser piping is required; the aerator requires air intake piping only.
High Efficiency Dissolution of Oxygen The air drawn into the aerator is pressurized by the liquid impelled by the impeller. Both the liquid and the pressurized air are pushed toward the discharge port by the guide vane. As part of this process, the air and liquid are mixed at a pressure higher than that produced by the depth of the water. This innovation contributes to highly efficient dissolution of oxygen.
Excellent Stirring Performance The air contained in the air/liquid mixture discharged from the aerator gives buoyancy to the mixture, and the upward flow of the buoyant liquid generates convection current in the tank. The current stirs the liquid so that it may even out the oxygen translation throughout the tank.
Outstanding Durability This aerator incorporates a double mechanical seal, Tsurumi’s field-proven shaft seal mechanism. An Oil Lifter is also provided to extend the service life of the mechanical seal. In addition, this aerator includes Tsurumi’s proprietary air seal mechanism, which significantly extends the service life of the shaft seal mechanism.
Additional Features This aerator features the same unique technologies adopted in Tsurumi’s submersible pumps. These include the anti-wicking cable entry, which protects the motor from water intrusion through the cable conductors; motor protection device, which protects motor from overload; and an oil seal that protects the mechanical seal from abrasive particles.

Pre-aeration and aeration at wastewater treatment plant
Supplying oxygen to water in aquafarm
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